Used Camshafts

I have a few questions concerning camshafts.

First question

Is it a bad idea to grab used camshafts from one head and put them on another?

Second question

I have a few pictures of some camshafts and I would like to know if they seem like they are bad.

On this last picture all the spots you see on the camshaft lobe are small holes. I found similar holes on the tip of the lobe.

Does this mean that the camshaft is no good? Can they affect the engine in any way? This camshaft came on a rebuilt head I bought but Personally I don't want to use this camshaft because the cams on my old head have no scratches or nicks what so ever.

lastly, if it is okay to swap cams, is there anything I should look out for?

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yes, it's a bad idea unless you are just toying around and like fixing stuff over and over again. Everything must fit perfectly including the bearings (if it has bearings cause many cams are now lined bored and ONLY fit into the orignal head correctly)