ME: serious need of help. no crank no start issue 2007 honda element. replaced starter, battery, ignition switch, ignition fusible link and starter fuse under the dash. Not a ground issue. I got the new starter to crank so I don't think that's it. Car was beginning to slowly crank until it stopped cranking. Not any issue in park or neutral. HELP !!! It

You responded: often a bad ignition switch, pray it's that and NOT a faulty anti theft system that requires a dealer scanner to work on

Changed the ignition switch again. Not a noise. Can it be the ignition itself? Would it serve me to change the actual key and cylinder? I wish I could find the after market KARS system to disconnect it Scotty!!! I thought it could be a tranny range switch but Honda says there is none in this vehicle just a switch where the shifter is found. Again thoughts?

Thanks for your expertise. I can't tell you enough how you have demystified so much on a car for me.


original symptoms were a slowing crank for about two weeks. I thought my newer (March 2017) battery had issues. Went back to Costco and got a new (September) Interstate battery. Everything was fine for about a week, then one day was a REAL sluggish crank I knew that was it. I got home and after having shut down the car it has never cranked since. I purchased a started directly from the manufacturer via Amazon. Came with test fire results. Out the new started in along with new manifold and throttle bottle gaskets. Still no crank no start. Got to thinking bad starter. Got an ignition bypass switch (Harbor Freight) hooked it up and heard the starter cranking. Took out the ignition switch and took it apart to look for burned board or other issues. Looked a bit darker inside than I thought it should. Bought a new ignition switch. Nothing. Looked at fuses and fusible links. They were not burned, but changed them anyway (including battery fusible link). Nothing. Looked for ground wires. Found two one on the side of the quarter panel near battery terminal and the block itself. Tested fine. Neg gave nothing with a test light and positive lighted up. Tested the positive to the fusible link box and that lighted up. If there is a ground on the firewall I can't find it. I went to Honda and got their wiring diagram and it showed nothing either. Then again their diagrams are sparse in what they show. The battery never dims when the ignition key is turned, so the new battery doesn't appear to be weak. Searched online and read about tranny switch. Seemed logical so I went that route. Honda says there is none on this car. Got in touch with you. Changed the the ignition switch again this morning and still nothing, No cranking at all since the day it stopped other than with the bypass switch.

I am old (53) too. Once upon a time there was a way to jump the starter to get it to work. Positive and neg terminal on the starter now gone on new cars (I guess). Is there some how to bypass the ignition key and/or switch in the fusible link box or so to jump the starter? Tearing down the manifold again seems so useless, although I think I can now find a job replacing honda starters. I do it quick as can be now.

Sorry checked the key when turned to see if the alarm was engaged, but the key comes up green when inserted. The aftermarket alarm is through KARS. I think I just found the box and will remove the wire harness to see if this does it.

nothing changed

just spoke with KARR (alarm people) disconnected the main harness to the system. Still no crank at all.