Unique Honda Clutch Pedal Problem

Unique Honda Clutch Pedal Problem

Hi Scotty,

I've got a Honda Civic 1.8 EX - 2006 - 85000 miles on original clutch. The clutch doesn't slip and has adaquate pressure during normal driving (0-40 mph) however as soon as I get on the motorway (50-70 mph) the clutch pedal becomes very soft. So soft that I can push it down with my little finger. It still changes gears albeit the biting point is very low! The pedal does come back up but light as a feather going down. Sometimes the gear changes are very abrupt, even when letting the clutch out slowly - mainly on cold, damp days at any speed. In 1st gear, if I accelerate to 10 mph then let the car slow down to 8 mph, the car will suddenly jerk like I've hit something.

I've scoured though days if not weeks going over various forums and speaking to different mechanics to no avail.

I've tried: Flushing the clutch fluid multiple times, even got a garage to do it. Adjusting the CMC (behind pedal) Checked for any leaks in CMC and CSC No fluid loss at all - fluid light brown colour.

Any ideas?

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sounds like the clutch pressure plate is just wearing out, I'd replace the whole clutch kit myself

Mind if I ask why it doesn't do the same during lower speeds? There's no chance it can be the CMC, right?