I have a question about rusting in older cars - hopefully Scotty can explore this in one of his videos.

Basically, I have an older car that I really like (and can't afford to replace right now lol) but over the years it has had issues with underbody corrosion, and in order to pass annual inspections mechanics have had to do a considerable amount repairs. The car has not had any other issues, at least none that big. This past year, my mechanic told me that I would do well to get another year out of it such were the issues, I asked if there was anything that could be done to halt underbody corrosion and he suggested using this sort of rubber undercoat spray on the underbody that would keep corrosion under control for a couple of years. He said it was often used on classic cars and the like. The cost was reasonable so I got him to do it. (I'm outside the US, so some things might be different in the US vs. Europe).

Now Scotty mentions in his videos that cars from the Northern United States often have corrosion problems owing to the use of salt on roads in the winter. I wonder if Scotty could discuss corrosion prevention strategies and if there are any cost-effective ways of keeping rust issues at bay.