[UK] Honda Civic Type S GT 2009 - Creaking noise when turning left


Creaking noise when turning the steering wheel to the left with at least 1 full rotation or more

Hello Scotty, love the youtube channel. I know you're not in the UK but I'm hoping you may be able to shed some light on this as local garage can't.

So I bought this Honda Civic Type S 2009 fairly recently, the picture is just an example photo of my car as I don't have any to show you but it's the same vehicle as the picture. Now, the problem is this. I have noticed a creaking noise when I turn my steering wheel to the left. It happens at low speeds or stationary and you never hear it when driving normally. I suspect the only reason that is , is because you rarely need to do a almost full lock on the left when driving normally...so I never really hear it. It doesn't happen when I turn to the right unless I have just done an almost full lock left, otherwise it will not happen when turning right, stationary or otherwise. The creaking noise is shown in the video from about the 0:13 second onwards. I took it to a local garage who was unable to reproduce the creaking noise when he had it on the ramp/lift , he had weight on the wheels and off the wheels but could not find any issues with anything in there. When he took the car off and drove it out, that;s when he said he faintly heard something from the passenger front wheel area and said he can only guess at this stage, and said that it could be the strut mounting. The lubrication inside the strut is wearing out and so when turning you will hear a creaking noise. Beyond this, he didn't know what else it could be.

I'm not overly confident in paying out money to replace a part especially if it may not be the part that's fautly as he was only guessing. So I'm hoping you may be able to help me.

To summarize:


  • Creaking noise when turning left at low speed or stationary. It does need to be at least 1 full turn of the steering wheel.

Tested/Common Questions:

Q: Does it happen when going over bumps?:

A: No, it never happens when i go over bumps or rough terrain so far.

Q: Does it happen when its warm/hot or only when its cold?

A: So far it has happened regardless of whether it is cold or hot. I have performed several large distance drives and the noise has occured before and after the drive.

Q: Does it happen when the weight is off the wheels?

A: It would appear not as the garage had lifted the vehicle off its wheels whilst it was on teh ramp and turned the wheels full lock both directions, and were unable to reproduce the noise. It seems to rely on weight being ON the wheels in order for it to happen.

Q: Is the noise consistent, or is there ever a time when you do not hear the noise whilst turning left?

A: The only time I have not heard this noise (which over the last week has both increased in volume and decreased but always been there) was after the garage lifted it up and tried to determine the cause. I had a full day of creak-less driving until the following day where the car was left over night unused. The creak then returned.

Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can provide