My dad's '10 Jeep GC SRT8 rear vents aren't blowing as much as the front. And how can I convince him to buy a dashcam?

With my dad and mother in front, most of the time, I am stuck in the rear. My dad's jeep is blowing cold A/C on a very hot day, but the vent is only happening in the front. My dad always think's I'm BSing my story every time and says to just wait, but the air flow is minimal in the rear vents. I never knew why it was not blowing since we can feel a very small breeze when it's on full blast. I always tell him to fix it when we had the warranty, but he never did. How can I just do it for him instead?

Also, I am looking forward to buy a Corolla 2004, but it doesn't have an auxiliary cord. Is there a way to add that to the car? Like an adapter or something?

Thanks, Mika.

PS. my father is really stubborn about the need for a dashcam... He had to pay for 4 accidents on this same jeep that weren't his fault and almost 5 thousand dollars for the damages. Please help me convince him. It just makes me have high blood pressure whenever he rolls his eyes at me whenever I tell him to buy a dashcam.

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tell him dashcams are great if you get in a wreck (if it's not your fault). Those real blowers are just crap on jeeps, that's just how they were made.