Turbo Chatter vs Throttle Hunting

STI is having turbo chatter at low rpm

I have a 2011 STI and I have a GFB BOV installed on it, recently I've noticed that at low rpms 3.5k and under when I shift I get some "turbo gobbling" which seems like it can be fixed by loosening the preload on my bov, but if I do that than when the engine drops to idle it hunts for the right rpm before settling, which I was told is bad as the car could possibly stall. So what do I do? just try and find a sweet spot where I get as little turbo chatter as possible while also as little hunting too?

Fyi I'm running the cobb power plus tune/package as well

Also the video doesn't do a very good job at displaying the chatter

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you can't do such adjustments, that messes with computer software and will change all kinds of things like idle drop. ONLY a pro who can reprogram computerrs can do such mods, period.