My 2014 Tundra has been stalling when shifting into third gear ( the only constant that I have noticed). It started the evening I went to pick it up from it’s 80,000 mile service. I pulled out of dealer lot and it did it twice. Left it in the middle of the road out front and it happened to service writer when he went to drive it back into the lot. The next morning they removed the battery to charge it, cleared engine code that had reported multiple cylinder misfires and everything seemed fine. Hadn’t happened again until about a month after and was stalling every so often for a couple of days wether the engine was cold or warm and then only happened about once or twice every week or two or three. Now it is happening almost daily no matter the engine temp and specifically when shifting into third gear. It might happen only once a day even. It has always started afterwards every time with no problem. Never a rough idle, never hesitates during acceleration. It might happen a few times in a row, maybe twice or just once and then not happen again the rest of the day. Please help!! I will answer ANY and ALL questions to help deduce this BS before I go apeshit on this dealership. Thank you so much for any advice that can be given!