Justin Shepherd

Hey Scotty

I figured out my 1999 Ford Ranger 3.0's condenser was leaking and replaced it today. I had a hard time keeping a vacuum for more than a few minutes and couldn't figure out why, the system worked on a charge for several weeks with the bad condenser. I put more dye with some refrigerant in to see if I may have missed something else. When I was adding my refrigerant, I noticed dye was splattering on the high side pressure sensor, and it was coming from under the connector that goes on top of the port.

Is it possible to "over-open" the valve on a gauge set, so it doesn't let the connector fully seal to the high side line? The splattering and leaking stopped when I popped the gauge off.

Is there a way to hook up auto store cans of R-134a to a filling line the way you connect a tank in your videos? An 18 oz and 12 oz can will put exactly 30 oz in my system that it needs, and I really don't want to add it with the low pressure "kit" hose that comes with the cans for the reasons you mention.

Thanks, you've been a big help!