I failed at replacing the transmission gasket the first time and maybe a second time.

Hey Scotty, i replaced the fluid and filter on my nissan last year, about 1000 miles of driving ago. I noticed some leaks coming from around the bolts which got bigger over time, starting to leak from the sides of the pan, even after i tighted them when i found some to be loose. I didnt do a good job the first time and the gasket got in the way of some of the bolt holes. The second time i followed your method of letting the gasket dry on the pan for about 30 minutes before putting it back on, using a few dots of RTV to hold it in place and the bolts went in fine by hand before being made snug. Its been 100 miles since and today i noticed a few drips on the pan in the same places but around different bolt holes. I checked the bolts, the pan holes and the holes on the transmission and they were clean and undamaged. What did i do wrong?

I used the gasket shown on the left which is a thick, rubber type gasket that is wide and sticks out the side of the pan after torquing. Should i use the gasket shown on the left? I tried doing it in a criss-cross way but unsure if that has effected it. Could you number the torque pattern if you think that would help?


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


both pan and bottom of tranny must be whisper clean, I use scrubs to knock all that stuff off and not gouge holes that may leak