Transmission Issues After Rebuild

My 2007 Honda Accord SE V6 just had it's transmission rebuilt. It is upshifting late and has noticeable downshifts.

Hey Scotty, my Honda Accord's transmission has been upshifting from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd at 3000rpm, which is quite late since before the rebuild, it upshifted gears at 2000rpm. The mechanic that rebuilt my transmission says that it will take time for the computer to adapt to my driving style and will start shifting normally soon. Afterwards, he said that 3000rpm upshifts are completely normal. Furthermore, I can feel that the downshifts are harder after the rebuild. Should I be worried?

I would be, he did a crap job, they should shift like a dream as soon as rebuilt, he's full of crap

Thanks Scotty! They took my $2300 and now I dont know what to do as the mechanic insists that its completely normal. What are my options now? Is there anything that can be done to get my transmission fixed up properly at the expense of those scammers?

Buddy, I would insist they re-do the job right, pay for another mechanic to do it, or take them to small claims court. If you know anyone who is a trusted shop, have them inspect the transmission. It might cost you a little more, but if you can take pictures of the transmission where the issues are, you can have proof in court. The courts tend to favor the consumer over the mechanic.

I have discovered a new leak from my car recently as well. I am taking it back to them this weekend and complaining about my issues. I feel like the bare minimum was done to get the car running, and thats it. Nikolai, thats a great idea but i dont want to have to get it inspected from another mechanic as that will take long, and i need my car for school, so hopefully i get it back with a smooth shifting transmission. I will keep you guys updated!