Transmission flush 2007 camry

Should I do a transmission drain service or flush?

I have a 2007 Camry that I just purchased and I am making plans to take it to my mechanic in 4 weeks for brakes and rotors along with a transmission flush or service. The brakes are a no brainer and plan on buying the pads you suggested this week but the transmission maintenance subject seems to be per mechanic when it comes to a flush or just a drain and I trust you for your thoughts. It seems Toyota does not recommend either but that does not set well with me. The car has 75,000 miles and I would like to do a Flush since most of the fluid would still be in the system with just a drain or service. Since you make it clear that Toyota is a top notch brand and you have one your self what do you recommend? Another thing I noticed is there is no filter but rather a screen. Do these need replaced after so many miles?

Thank You,

Jason Thrash

flush is not a good idea unless you have a junker that barely moves. It can damage an OK tranny with pressure pushing crap inside the tranny and blocking holes

Should I do what Toyota suggests and not even touch the fluid or is doing a drain "service" Okay?