Transmission erratic jerking/shifting


Scotty, I admire you a great deal for your honesty & integrity, also because you seem to love talking about cars. So do I. I have come to respect your opinion over the years especially regarding the different vehicle manufacturers. keep on doing what you do!
I have a 2015 VW Jetta SEL (I know you pretty much do car for this Make, smile) with a 1.8 Liter turbo engine and the 6-speed automatic transmission (not the DSG). It had only 28015 miles on it and it was a one-owner, serviced total at the Dealership where I bought it a couple of months ago (May 7, 2020) It now has about 30500 miles on it now. I started experience a jerking sensation when it goes from park to reverse or reverse to drive or drive back to reverse. also it seems to have an issue down-shifting when slowing down at a traffic light and accelerating. I've had it scanned for codes but nothing shows. I took it to a VW dealer because it was only five months outside of the warranty on time but no where near on mileage.
after about three visits they concluded that it was the valve body. After putting the
new valve body in the transmission (VW extended a little good faith) the Dealer call and said that it still has the same issue. They then recommended a new transmission.
Could it be a sensor issue? A throttle body issue? is the car idling too high? What is your opinion?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


Those German piles of junk have one of the worst trans Ever made. I would have to analyze that with my Volkswagen dealer level scan tool but normally its transmission failure