Trade-in with an undisclosed extended warranty?

Norm from GA

Early this year I traded in a 2008 Prius with less than 100k on it for a new 2019 model. In great physical shape, but a few minor things going, like dashboard going blank periodically due to faulty capacitor, and a water leak in the wheel well of the trunk, with the biggy being the ABS actuator going, a $3000 repair. I probably lusted too much on the new car, so the dealer gave me pretty much scrap price for the car, each of us knowing that he was going to make the repairs and reap the benefit.
However, I just found out through Consumer Report that nearly all of Toyota's hybrids of that vintage suffered the same problem, so in 2019, they extended their basic warrantee for the ABS from the end of 2017 to the end of 2020, with unlimited mileage! And when their people checked the car out, they didn't mention it at all!
In my pea-brain, since they only gave me a thousand bucks for the car, I think I should also get most, if not all, of whatever they got back from Toyota for the warranteed repair. If they should stonewall me, is their any recourse for me, in short of the courts, besides complaining up their chains and on social media? Do the Feds monitor these things?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


None of that is monitored and you basically did you research at the wrong time should have done it before. Odds are you wouldn't get anywhere