TPS sensor issue on Toyota. Car model-: Toyota Carina 210 (ti) Engine -: 2C-T ( 2000cc Turbo )

Okay let me get you up to speed on what's wrong, so I bought this Toyota car (Carina 210 1996 ) its condition is great and such apart from this stupid error code 41 which corresponds to TPS signal according to .

I checked the tps sensor myself with a multimeter it seems to give steady increases in voltage( no drops, no abrupt spikes) . When the throttle is closed reading was-: 0.5v and when fully open reading was 3.8v. I've heard that this should be 4.5v from YouTube videos.

I tried pulling the EFI fuse and putting it back on for a reset and went for a drive to come back to see code 41 yet again! I was so frustrated.

And by the way when I cleared the computer memory by efi thing, without even starting (didn't even step on the gas) the car I checked for error codes again and the code 41 came up . I mean even without starting the car or stepping on the gas...

Now my question is, is it possible that the previous owner fitted a TPS that's not for my car? Could that give me this error?.
Why I'm assuming this is that, the code 41 came up even right after efi reset ( didn't start the engine or drive ) . And also I'm thinking whether the ECM OR ECU connectors are corroded leading to it getting bad signal or no signal at all from the three pin TPS this thing has.

If you have any advice on troubleshooting and fixing the car, please tell me it'll be a lot of help. Even references on how to fix would be great.


I couldn't find any manual related to the car as well. So I'm really needing your help.

-Thank you!

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Thanks for the reply Scotty!


it could have the wrong tps, so rather than mess with a possible rat's nest of wiring failure possibilities, get a dealer oem tps and see what happens. If not that, wiring could be corroded and that could actually fry the computer circuit that drives the sensor.