Hi Scotty,

You told me to try resetting the idle learn after I got inconsistent RPMs when I cleaned my throttle body.

I saw this video online yesterday. Can I reset it like this?

Also, you told me that I could've shorted something out when cleaning the throttle body because I didn't disconnect the battery. But I had an electronic throttle body on my 07 Yaris and I had to leave the battery on and push the gas pedal with a stick in order to keep the throttle plate open while I was cleaning it.
Do you have any other ways of cleaning electronic throttle bodies? Please let me know.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


You can physically push to throttle open with like a wooden dowel rod that Will not scratch anything but if you did clean it that way odds are it damaged the electronic's and now you'll need a new throttle