Is Toyota obligated to replace a rusty frame on a 2000 Tundra with an open recall?


I'm wanting to buy a used (2000) Toyota Tundra trade-in truck (from a Toyota dealer) with low miles, but I noticed the frame has excessive rust, and I discovered that several years back Toyota had a 3+Billion dollar settlement (with truck owners) over improperly manufactured frames they purchased from a company named DANA. The Carfax lists an open recall for rust on the Tundra I want to purchase. The recall is officially related to (and "apparently" limited to) a cross member that holds the spare tire under the vehicle, but I've read online numerous accounts of customers getting entire frames replaced (some as recently as 2016), because they rusted so severely. It clearly isn't just the spare tire holder that rusts excessively. I am trying to get the local dealer to advocate with Toyota on my behalf, so I can still purchase the truck and get a replacement frame. I really want the truck (only around 125k miles on the engine, and the body is in decent shape as well), and the recall still appears to be open on the Carfax report. The dealer "appears" to be trying to work something out with the parent company, but also appears to me to be taking their own sweet time in helping me with this. Do you have any advice for me in this matter?

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Try calling Toyota USA Corporate in Plano TX at 800-331-4331 to see if you can get a straight answer, or if they know who you should talk to.