Toyota Corona 2.0L 1997 ST191 160,000kms M/T


Hey uncle Scotty! How are you?

Our car started to act weird. First after driving, and I idle the car, the idle or rpm keeps going down. Until it shut down the engine. Then I can't start it. I needed to pump the accelerator or put it in gear 1 and accelerate so the idle or rpm would rise from 100 to 1,000 rpm. Then it happened again later that evening, then I tried putting gas, then it started but still needed to pump the accelerator then it started. Then today same thing happened, but the gas gauge still has half. Not even 1/4 left. Then I felt the lost of power, the engine is noisy but it run slower plus it's always shaking and rpm's going down from 900 to 600 to 400. I had to step on the accelerator once in a while, but it shakes so crazy even in 1,000 to 1,300 rpm when in traffic. Then I tried pushing to 3,000 rpm before I shifted gears. On the highway. But still the same. Lost power and car's idle keeps going down.

By the way, it smells like battery when I really try and start the car. But it cranks fine. Electronics work. What could it be?

Please help!