Corolla has certain issues with idle, performance and economy.

COROLLA 2005 1.3L 2NZFE engine 5 Speed Manual Transmission

NOTE : Car has done 180K KM and has a new head gasket, new spark plugs, new water pump and a new radiator. Use a fuel system cleaner 5000KM ago. Engine flush and oil change 3000km ago.

  1. Car is slightly hesitant to start. Not observable unless very highly observant.

  2. Once the car stalled right after start. Few seconds later started up just fine.

  3. The car does around 250KM on the first half but barely 60km till the light comes on(between quarter and E) of the 50L tank after filling 40L as soon as the fuel light comes on. Avg used to be around 10km/L now around 7.5km/L

  4. The idle drops around 150rpm after filling up. Returns to normal after a bit of driving.

  5. Performance seems sluggish at times more so towards the second half of the tank.

  6. Rattle or vibrating noise comes from front of the car between 2300rpm and 2800rpm. Does not coincide with low or high performance or amount of fuel in the tank. Goes away at times. Does not happen when stationary.

  7. Noticeable loss of power when turning on the AC button. Does not happen when only the AC fan is turned on.

  8. Car seems slightly more sluggish when using higher octane fuel.

Personally I feel the culprit is either the fuel system, MAF sensor or oxygen sensor or a vacuum leak


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