Toyota Corolla Altis 2015 (ZRE171R) 1.6L Auto Engine Rattling Sound


Greetings Scotty the Guru!

Have been a loyal fan of your channel, watched a ton of your videos but still can't seem to figure out the problem with my car...

2015 Toyota Altis (ZRE171R) 87000 miles 1.6L Auto (still waiting for my OBD scanner to arrive)

Only for the past 4 months I noticed a faint hollow wobbly rattling noise from the engine block (sounds like shaking an eraser within an empty soda bottle) that happens intermittently regardless on whether the car is moving/not, and this can happen either during idle/travelling. It can also happen immediately after engine start or moving at low speeds, regardless of the engine being hot/cold. Sometimes even after a long drive and while parking the car I hear the noise too. Not sure if sound occurs at high speeds due to excessive background noise, however revving the engine does not seem to change the sound significantly (when it is present).

The sound comes distinctly from within the engine below the cylinder head, and not from the V-belt/water pump/alternator/compressor assembly.

I have tried to exclude the V-belt by spraying water on the belt and pressing on it while the belt is running but it does not affect the sound. I have also tried to press down hard on the engine block while the sound is present to fix the engine to exclude rattling sounds that could be caused by the engine mounts, but doing that does not seem to affect the sound.

Otherwise I do not experience any problems with driving. This car has been frequently and promptly serviced at the authorized dealer.

I believe it is something within the engine, and I have a video to better illustrate my point (the noise becomes obvious at 2-3 seconds into the video).

Would greatly appreciate if you could advise what's wrong with my engine, and whether it is a serious problem? Thanks!!!

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I've tried to change some settings, hope the video works now. Thanks a lot for your insight Scotty. It sounds like a darn big job to change that...

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


it won't playback. but often that's VVT timing chain or tensioner noise