Toyota Corolla 2001 Transmission Fluid Options

Good morning Scotty, I hope you doing well and produce more quick fix car videos. I recently bought a Toyota Corolla 2001 LE model which has 109 700 miles on it and would like to take care good of it. My tire shop mechanic said the car is strong but requires regular maintenance including oil change and transmission fluid change. I changed the oil for myself with Castrol synthetic oil and Mobil 1 filter.

However, transmission fluid of the car requires Dexron III which Toyota does not provide at their dealer anymore. Since I do not have information about former owner maintenance for the transmission. I would like to know your recommendation for the fluid as people at my shop suggest me to get multi-vehicle fluid sold as Autozone like Castrol Import Multi-vehicle Transmission fluid or Mobil 1 Multi-vehicle fluid.

Thank you Scotty. I also bought your book and thanks to it I got the car for a decent and reasonable price with a win win.

Warm Regards,
Jo Nguyen

Dexron 4 is backwards compatible, I use that or any other quality fluid like castrol

Thank you Scotty, I dont know why Toyota switch to Type T-IV fluid and the corolla 2002 has the same transmission use that fluid but Type T-IV is not compatible with Dexron. It cause too much confuse :) I think I gonna go for Castrol Import Multi-vehicle Transmission fluid it is on sales and a decent oil. I don't think we can have Dexron IV anymore @@ I can only find Dexron VI on the Amazon and stores. Long time ago, I remember watching your video about a brand about synthetic tranny fluid with multi vehicle application called ATP. Have you tried that on any Japanese cars ?


syn tranni fluid is soooo good