Toyota Avensis Liftback T25 ASR problem


The Toyota Avensis T25 (build in 2003) applies brakes on its own from time to time.

Hello Scotty,
I would like to ask you about my Toyota Avensis T25 Liftback from 2003.
I recently bought the car from a private seller and had it checked at a Toyota Dealer ... they said the car was fine and there were no issues recorded in the computer.
However, the car sometimes applies brakes on its own, making the car lose the speed a bit, then everything comes back to normal. At first when that happened, I thought that I had been going too fast, but when it happened again, I was going downhill, not very fast, the situation was all save and I had a gear shifted in to break with the engine. It again braked. It usually happens when going downhill and breaking with the engine.
When I asked the Toyota mechanic, he suggested to do the geometry (the steering wheel is turned to the right a bit when going straight) and recalibrate the ASR system. My questions are: Do you think, these issues could be caused by the ASR system? If so, what else, except the recalibration, should they check for - sensors, fuses? I would like to have this fixed because it makes me nervous when it happens.
Thank you very much.

Your fan from the Czech Republic (Europe).

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Thank you very much. I will let them investigate on the ASR system then. :)



yes, that system is probably defective putting the brakes on if it comes and goes. Sticking callipers would be on all the time