Hey Scotty, I have a 1.6 liter Corolla 2003, manual, 138k miles.
About a month ago I asked you about my absolute throttle position being at 12.9% when not pressed at all, and when I floored it it was at only 77.6%. There also was a rough idle.

You advised me to see your video "make your car run better with a little spray cleaner" which I have.
I replaced the air filter which was slightly dirty, and cleaned the throttle body as well as the MAF sensor.
As I was cleaning I verified that the throttle plate opens completely.
(I took the idle MAF reading before and after the cleaning; It increased from 1.54 g/s to 2.00 g/s).
After the cleaning there was no change to the throttle position readings.
It has smoothened the idle, but even warmed up it idles a little high (800-950 rpm).
The long term fuel trim is at -9.4% which makes me think that the car is consistently expecting more air than is actually being supplied which I assume an incorrect TPS reading can cause.

What do you say is the correct course of action?

Thank you for the great videos and community support!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


It is probably subtracting fuel because injectors are old try having them pressure cleaned