Car doesn't start sometimes without hitting throttle body with spanner

I own a Vauxhall (Opel) Corsa Diesel 1.3 CTDI, when I first start the car the car will start well, sometimes a bit of hesitation, but it start. If I take a short journey, and turn the engine off, and come again to turn the engine back on, the car will not start, I either have to wait a couple minutes before trying to start the car, or I will have to repeatedly hit the throttle body with a spanner, and the car will then start. (In the instance of it not starting, I will turn the key and the car will try and start but it isn't happening, kind of like when trying to start a car on a weak battery, or it will just try and start and the revs will go to 1,000 and then drop straight down and the car would not ignite). I have been told that the throttle body may need changing or cleaning, however I've just come to ask a master mechanic, thank you for the help! :) (ALSO, after hitting the throttle body with a spanner or having the problem with the car hesitating the start, the car will jugger a bit before getting off in certain gears, as if the car is dying but it gets its life back) (and sometimes there some sort of greyish gas starts emitting out of my exhaust when I first start the car and also after I have hit it with the spanner) SO SORRY ABOUT ALL THE QUESTIONS! Thank you very much!

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get another throttle body AFTER checking to see if wiring to it is not corroded or loose