Thoughts on reliability & durability of 5.3L & 6.0L GM LS engines?

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Hello Scotty and community. First, thank you for all the great information.

My topic is the 2nd generation Chevy Tahoe (5.3L) or GMC Yukon Denali (6.0L) and, more specifically, the reliability of the 5.3L v8 ("LM7") engine and the 6.0L v8 ("LQ4") engine, from the 2000 to 2006 time period (the 2nd generation Tahoe/Yukon ran from 2000 to 2006). I'm looking to buy a 2005 or 2006 Tahoe or Yukon. If there are any GM LS engine people out there, the 2005 to 2006 LS engines for trucks/SUVs were technically referred to as LS "Gen 4" engines, but since the SUV model was the 2nd generation, let's just refer to the vehicle and the engine as 2nd generation or Gen 2.

Do you have any thoughts on the long-term reliability and durability of the 5.3L and 6.0L GM LS engines that were made during the 2005 to 2006 time period? I want something that will go for well over 300,000 miles.

I know most will say: Then buy a Toyota/Lexus v8. But there's a part of me that thinks the higher vehicle price and higher lifetime maintenance cost for a Toyota/Lexus v8 may not be worth it. I don't have data to prove that -- just my thoughts. Maybe the 2000 to 2006 GM v8 engines are a step down in quality compared to Toyota/Lexus v8, but it seems possible that some of these die heart v8 Toyota/Lexus followers (Land Cruiser, LX, GX, etc.) have created a used car market price that doesn't really reflect a value purchase.

This guy put together a real nice GM LS engine review of all the different types and flavors:

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General motors V8 have always been very good and reliable engines. The problem is the vehicles they put them in aren't necessarily of the highest quality but back in the early 2000s or older they were really built to last. If not too expensive and mechanic checks it out ok then I'd buy it for sure.


350 and 454 are good. Motors for 50 years.