Thoughts on Audi Cars

Thoughts on used Audi TT's with around 80-120k

Hi Scotty,

Noticed you don't have many Audi related videos. What are your thoughts on these?

I currently have a dodge neon 2000, but it needs a lot of work, although it runs really well. It needs new shocks, new wheels, leaks oil, leaks brake fluid, leaks coolant, and have issues with the shifting cables. Likely needs other fluids changed by now. I just top it off every now and then.

I'm looking at used Audi A4's and A3's, but would much prefer an Audi TT from 2008-2012. These normally have around 80-120k miles and are priced between 10-18k.

What should i know before i even look into it further?

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they are endless money pits as they age. But as such, they are cheap to buy used cause everyone knows that. Think toyota or honda for good small cars