good morning Scotty I scanned my 2010 Nissan Pathfinder 4.0L V6 2WD with 51,029 miles and unfortunately the ABS, BRAKE VDC OFF AND SLIP lights are on and I got no codes I only have a basic scan tool, I disconnected the battery to reset the computer reconnected it, started it up and the lights are still there, I tired deflating my tires from 40 to 35 recommend PSI for all my tires and the low pressure light is still flashing forever, I refilled my brake fluid since it was actually really low and bleed the leftover air out, checked all of my rotors there fine, the pads are wearing out a tiny bit but yeah still no luck the light won't go away but at least the car luckily stops smoothly, the slip and vdc off light furthermore I tired pressing the button that's turns it on/off won't turn off, I was watching your Youtube video the other day when you were reviewing the Nissan Xterra I'm saying to myself I don't know if I having a similar issue like that car since they're similar vehicles, I gonna have to take it to a professional mechanic on Monday to find out what's wrong with it because I can't fix it myself ? I've always driven this thing conservatively since brand new. what could be the problem I'm praying it's not the ABS Module and the traction control system going out ? Thanks.