I have a '09 dodge charger with 247,000 miles that i just bought in June. I haven't had 1 issue with it up untill the middle of August.
My girlfriend and I had rented a cabin about 20 miles from home that weekend. I had gotten there first and she was coming later in the charger. So I waited and waited and finally she called and said she had to pull over at a gas station because she had a flat tire and that the car won't start now after using the portable tire inflater that plugs into the cig lighter. By the time I got half way to picking her up she called and said it started and that she was on her way. When she pulled up and cut the car off that was the last time it ran. Oh, and I checked the cig lighter fuse and it had blew. So I changed it and still nothing. I've learned since that somehow it put itself in theft mode. The headlights and interior dome lights (ect.) Will come on but the radio, dash cluster, power windows, nothing else electrical will work except that red theft light that stays on. From the fuse box I can trick the starter and fuel pump to turn on long enough to crank for maybe 2 sec then it dies. The key fob that starts the car has an issue that no matter how many new 2032 batteries I put in the fob none of the 4 buttons work. My question is : the manual says that if I press and hold one of the buttons down on the fob and try and start the car or, something like that, that I can turn the "theft mode" on and off that way. Have you heard of any of this before? And if I bought a fob that actually worked, plus got it programed, do you think that it would be worth spending the $ on?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


There is worth a try but realize you bought an endless money pit high mileage Chrysler product. Odds are the and I thought system is breaking down and they are not easy or cheap to work on requiring a dealer level immobilizer scan computer