The Unbreakable Corolla has me stumped


So as a disclaimer this is not my car so not sure what maintenance has been done prior to starting work on it.
1995 Toyota Corolla AUSDM
1.6L 4AFE, Automatic transmission
300k KM : 186k Freedomlengths

G'day Scotty so a friend of mines mother bought her a car to learn to drive in and get her license about 3 years ago but due to circumstance they didn't end up ever driving it themself and loaned it to a friend who didn't maintain it whatsoever.
So after this friend drove it for about a year it "broke down" and was sitting up until I started work on it 3 months ago.

To begin the project of getting it back on the road I chucked the battery on charge overnight and checked all the standard things to get an idea of what I'm up against.

Oil : Dirty as but the level is fine
Air filter: Can't see the sun through it, full of bugs, twigs, ect
Coolant: bit old but it's not got algae or oil in it
Tranny fluid: nice n dirty and within spec
Plugs: mixed set of 4 plugs earth electrodes are basically toothpicks
Plug leads: reasonably new however two of them have had some of the exterior blue layer chewed off by rats (conductor not exposed)
Engine : Covered in rat poo... and rat poison... with a slight leak from the rocker cover gasket but nothing out of the ordinary for a car this old

Anyway I put everything back where I found it and the next morning she started right up (albeit after a bit of trying).

So I hop in and drive 10ks down the road to the parts store and back without any issues along the way (I know I was shocked too).

1st service $150AU (100 freedomdollars)
Plugs : NGK (the cheap ones)
Air filter : Same as what was in there but new
oil change : Penrite 10w-30
oil filter : cheapy store brand unit

The car seems to run fine at this point, the transmission is solid, the engine can access full powerband so I run around for about 200ks.

It's at this point that the "STUPID F$%#!@G C*&T OF A THING JUST DECIDED TO S#!T ITSELF"

So it starts with all the usual symptoms of a bad dizzy cap, hesitating, trouble starting, losing power and stalling after warming up.

Pull the old cap off and sure enough corroded copper contacts but the rotor is still nice and shiny.
So another $150 (100 freedomdollars) later and the new cap is in place.
It starts first time now and on a cold start you'd think the thing is healthy.
But the moment it gets up to operating temp it still has all the same problems stalling in any driving condition.
I've checked the spark and that's fine on all plugs (even the chewed leads).
Cleaned the MAF sensor.
But watch the video below for my biggest fear.

It smells like oil smoke but when the car is running there's no oil burn smell from the exhaust.
So do you think it's a junker or is the old girl worth sinking more cash into?

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Code 31 Manifold absolute pressure Sensor - circuit (MAP Sensor) Possible causes
Wiring, Sensor its self or ECM failure locate a service manual and follow instructions for repairs