"The problems plain to see, Too much technology"

Mercedes-Benz infotainment system hopes to be Siri of cars

Automakers to introduce Artificial intelligence into cars.

Mercedes and other automakers will introduce A.I into their cars to so you can speak to a robot just to turn up your radio.

yea, isn't it getting absurd. the world is indeed going mad

MBUX seems to be even more complex than the current COMAND system in the E300, which takes a minimum of five steps to get from the radio screen to the climate control screen. But Consumer Reports still has their E300 with this system and now has 27,000 miles on it.

Like texting while driving wasn't bad enough they now give us an ipad in the dashboard to play with. This is exactly why I continue to repair my wife's 2003 Lexus instead of buying her a new car, when that tech starts breaking no one will be able to afford to drive those cars.