The brake lights on my 94 mustang GT are stuck on I had a problem with my convertible switch so I started with the e-brake switch I grounded the e- brake switch to the body didn't solve the problem so I put everything back together only to find out the brake lights were stuck on. Took everything back apart grounded the wire again right brake light went out but left stayed on put the switch back on e- brake all 3 brake lights stay on and the left turn signal doesn't work which was the brake light that stayed on. Could it be a faulty pedal switch or a short? Ok I tested the brake switch and have power going in and going out with the plug unplugged and plugged in, I disconnected the taillight harness under the driver's side tailight and third brake light isn't on and works with the brake pedal. When I plug the tailight harness back in all 3 brake lights stay on and does not work with the pedal, does anybody have an idea on where I should start looking for the short. Should I start under the dash or in the trunk where the third brake light comes off the harness any help would be appreciated

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I'd start in the trunk, especially ground wiring there