Swollen Lug Nuts

Swollen Lug Nuts, cannot remove tires.

Hello, I own a 2014 Ford Fusion and I am planning on doing my rear pads and rotors soon which would constitute removing the tires...

I found that that 19mm lug wrench which came with the vehicle does not fit the lug nuts on the tires. I get substantial discounts on dealer maintenance packages so I always bring my vehicle to Ford for whatever I cannot do myself.

I had them tell me that all 20 lug nuts on my vehicle were swelled because of the ridiclious chrome caps and i cannot get them off. I am not paying $300 for replacement lug nuts and apparently my 2 warranties did not cover it.

I wanted to see If there was a way i can remove my lug nuts without rounding them over. I have tried a 20mm and a 13/16th but there is too much play and the standard 19mm will not fit. Ford would not tell me how they removed them when my tires were rotated. Thank you.

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  realize that those nuts are just covered by a chrome cover, you can force the covers off by prying and cutting then get the underlying lug off. If that doesn't work, get reverse biting sockets that fit on to get them off, auto zones, all stores sell them