engine stalling /catalytic converter/cylinder missfire

Hello Scotty! Greetings from Romania.I’ m following you on youtube and I found your videos very interesting and funny. I own a Suzuki Ignis 4x4 made in 2001.

I have the following problem: Immediately after I purchased the car (3 years ago-second hand, after about 100-200 km) the check-engine light was lit. The error was erased with a tester (I did not know the code, was told that it was lit because of the quality of gasoline.) After a short time the error reappeared. 2 years and a half I ignored the "check engine" light because the car has gone impeccably over 30 0000 km. Last summer at 2500+ rev. on the highway the engine started to stall (the acceleration oscillated). I reduced the acceleration and everything was ok. It happened very rarely (2-3 times a year past) (especially when it is hot outside + going with the car uphill at constant speed in high revs.). I suppose at that time that spark plugs or gasoline would be possible causes. In November I went to a service and they ran a diagnosis and I was told the error is P0420. (transformation of the bench 1 catalyst too low). The spark plugs have changed, and I was told that the catalyst could be clogged. I've been around for about 8,000km since then. I have not had a serious problem until recently. when the engine stalled again, again on the climbing highway. I have checked it and P0420 and P0301 or P0302 errors occurred. The errors were deleted at the service and the catalyst was cleaned (dismantling + solution cleaning, don-t know their procedure -aprox 125 euros cost). Yesterday on a road to a mountain resort,while going uphill for more than 20 km, in the second stage the engine lost its power and gave off then it stopped completely. This time at 2000 2200 shifts in the steps 3 2 and 1 gear. . (I could not accelerate over 2200-2500revs -and the engine accelerating was fluctuated). I tried to restart the engine but it did not start. After 2-3 minutes it started quickly but again after a few hundred meters stopped again. After I managed to turn the car and go down the valley I had no problem . The car goes very well to the stretched road and through traffic in the city. I'm interested in telling me how much more detailed diagnosis I have to run to solve this problem. (I try to avoid to replace the catalyst as much as possible). I'm also interested if I need to check the following components (I understand the possible causes): -induction coils -compression of the cylinders -sensor pulse crankshaft + replacement (if necessary) -server shaft sensor -Check the vacuum of the gas pump. -lambda sensor forward catalyst -lambda sensor after catalyst. Thanks a lot.

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do a wet and dry compression test of all cylinders first, engine could be flat worn out. if not, swap coils and plugs from one and two to three and four to see if coils or injectors are bad