Suspension Control Arm & Brake Rotors & Brake Pads


Hi Scotty!
Sad to see you leaving Houston.

I've got a question on a service I was suggested.

I bought a used 2014 Camry with 61000 miles, last month. The car spent most of it's life in Iowa until the previous owner moved to Houston in 2019.

His carfax history said he replaced Front brake pads around 55000 miles.
whenever I hit the brakes, I could hear noise with every rotation of the tire and a slight vibration which I thought was ABS kicking in at first, or due to the broken undercarriage splash guard.

I started doubting if the rotors were warped or worn out, so I took it to a shop today to get it checked.

They suggested I replace the front rotors along with the brake pads. Also replace the rear brake pads and rotors.

The biggest problem is they mentioned the suspension control arm needs to be replaced as well (850$ worth). I don't know if I have to do this.

Any advise on this? Here is the link that has the inspection details.

I don't know if you are still working on the cars now that you're packing to move to Tennessee. I'd love it if you could take a look into my car and help me fix it.

Appreciate you taking time to read this. Thank you Scotty! Your videos have helped me a lot.