Sub: AC Compressor for Honda Civic 2010 (1.8L Sedan)
Hi Scotty,

My car AC has a problem. During hot summer days when I switch it ON, it works for while and then I get hot air throughout. It does not work afterwards. Then the following day, the same story. It works for a couple of minutes and the compressor shuts down.

I had taken to one mechanic, he said the AC clutch coil has broken and need to replace. He changed the clutch coil, but it did not work. He suggested to change the compressor itself.

My question:

  1. What could be the issue with my AC?
  2. If I have to look to replace my AC compressor, Can i buy a used instead of Rebuild one?
  3. Do I have to look for other parts of Compressor as well?

Please advise.

ON - Canada

No. 1-2

Thanks Scotty for your advice. It was helpful to know.


realize those are complex computer run AC systems. BUT he should never have changed the clutch only, those generally go bad cause compressor is on its way out. Change with ONLY a new compressor, but there are many aftermarket ones availble. See this video on why NOT to use a rebuilt unit