Still no progress. Please help. I have a 1989 buick riviera gm 3800, 3.8L. New alternator, new…


Still no progress. Please help. I have a 1989 buick riviera gm 3800, 3.8L. New alternator, new ignition module, new ignition coil pack, new fuel filter, new fuel pump, oil/trans fluid change, a tune up, fuel injection cleaner, and a new battery. What's happening is, when I go to start the car in the morning, I have to hit the gas in order to get it to start. After driving it more than 15 mins, I have to let it cool down for about 10-30 minutes in order to start it again. When it idles while parked (especially after starting it in the morning), it idles at about 1000-1300 rpms. It should be at about 725-750 rpms. When I drive, I notice that I smell fuel, only when stopped though, and people driving behind me have told me that they smell a strong fuel (gas) odor. I also should get 18 mpg in the city, and right now I'm at 13.9 mpg's. Please can anyone tell me what's wrong?? I know it's probably something simple, but I'm not a mechanic and don't know what else to do. I keep putting money into this car, and the problem just won't go away. I really want this car, as it's my first and I'm kind of in love. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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Well your love for that car is coming at a cost to your patience and sanity it would seem. I'd next pull the spark plugs and see if any are fouled, if so, try to find out why, see if it's ignition or fuel related. Be sure the fuel pressure regulator is not leaking fuel into the vacuum line and you may need to see if the injectors are sticking open. If you suspect it's flooding that's keeping it from starting, then I'd especially look for an injection issue. Also, realize if you floor the gas pedal, the ecu will turn off the fuel injectors and then you can see if it'll start up alot quicker, if it does, then you'll know it's due to flooding.