Still having the same problem :( My 89 riviera is having some problems. In the morning, it won't start up
right away, I have to cycle the key in order to get it to start. When cranking, I put my foot on the gas 1/4 of the way as it said to do this in the manual, it works in about 2-3 tries, it was 4-6 before, but idk what that means. After driving, I
have to wait for it to cool down or something in order for it to start, I pop the
hood, and have noticed that it helps. I just got a tune up, new fuel filter, new
fuel pump, new alternator, new ignition coil pack, new ignition module, fuel
injectors, oil/trans change, and a new battery. I don't
think it's the crank shaft because when it does start, it's always consistent in
timing. Starts right up like a brand new car, there's only 122k miles on it. The
engine is a gm 3800 3.8L Series 1. I also smell lots of gas, the car is running
rich, I have bad gas mileage, and it's getting worse. I have noticed smoke coming from where you put the dipstick for the oil in at, and it smells like fuel. While driving my oil psi's fluctuate. Idle is usually high in
RPM's upon starting in the morning, slightly rough idle. After driving about 15 minutes or more, then waiting for it to cool down, it tends to stall while driving. Wait for it to cool down again, and it gets me home. It's stalled twice in the last week, only once before. Please help before I spend more money and/or possibly ruin my car.

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old age does that. Often worn fuel pump or leak in the fuel injection system. Do this video first