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Kia sedona stalled several times for one day after tire change and had tps code but now its not throwing the code

Hello, Scotty! I bought a 2005 kia sedona a week ago. The day after i bought it, we came out of the grocery store and the rear right tire was flat so i called AAA and had the spare put on it. It wasnt a rubber band tire. About a quarter mile down the road, it stalled randomly, no warning and i didnt have a check engine light on before hand either. It started up after about five minutes of it stalling. then it stalled again several times that night. We got stuck at a turn signal and a napa auto parts, mechanic guy stopped to help us and he used the code scanner. He said that the tps code came up and he said that something that should have been reading, didnt come up. I believe he was talking about the speed sensor. so He cleared the codes and we got to drive for about five minutes until it stalled again.  He tried to clear again and it wouldnt. So i started it and drove about a half mile to my destination.  I ended up calling AAA again and we got towed home and it was an hour and a half drive home on the tow truck. The check engine light was off after the tow and hasnt come on since.  I have this very huge feeling that something went wrong from the guy changing my tire, maybe coincidence, but i dont think so. I know all things are connected and i was thinking that maybe changing the tire made some sensor act up and then caused other sensors to act up.  can changing a tire do anything like this?  I had my friend check the wires and connections and he didnt find anything.  The check engine light hasnt come on since and i havent stalled since. Its been about five days since this happened.  Im scared to death to drive it on the freeway in case it happens again!!  I was soooo happy to finally have a car again and then it did this to me and instead of being happy, i am full of anxiety and very disappointed. I would like to be able to fix what happened so i could have confidence that it wont happen again, but there arent any codes stored and hasnt done it again!!! Is it possible that just clearing a code could actually fix what was going wrong?  I dont know what to do!  I want to drive my car and not be friggen scared of it.  Please help!!  Do you have any ideas of what happened and what i should do?  thank you!

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if he jacked it up wrong, coculd have damaged wiring to the fuel pump. But those cars are pretty junky, and often just break in various ways by themselves. If you can sell it off fast and not lose much, do so