So I came to find out that my rear view mirror was under my passenger electric operated seat. It took my a while to free the sucker. But in order to free the mirror I had to moved the electric seat forward, backwards, up, and down. Finally once the mirror was free. My seat doesnt move forward nor backwards. Well the right side of the seat moves forward and backwards but barely. While the left side of the seat stays still with no motion whatsoever. I inspected and even sprayed wd-40 but I dont see anything thats wrong. Is there anyway you can help me Scotty? Thank you!


I had that problem in a Honda fit. A nickel got stuck in the tracks and I couldn't see it while it was in the car. I had to remove the seat so that I could really get in there and figure it out.

yes, try that fix, and if nothing is stuck in there, try rebolting the seat on somewhat looser to see if it lines up and works