So here is the scoop. A 96 Honda Accord and we had the clutch replaced but the guy never did the rear seal so when we got it back it slipped so I redid it and after asking the local trans shop I sprayed the disc, had the flu wheel turned at Napa and reused it as he said it should be fine but sure enough after installing it. it again slipped but after it heats up so again I redid the clutch but this time I bought a stage to disc and I took the flu wheel back to the shop as it had what appeared to be skip marks on it like in three spots but the guy told me that it was still smooth and should not matter very and that I should bev good too go but sure enough after I put it all back together for the third time now it takes like a half hour and again it slips! I'm at witts end with it but I don't wanna give up on it so.... I guess my question is since I've replaced everything except the fly wheel could it be the fly wheel that is causing this as everything including the fluid is new. Man I'm praying you got something for me Scotty. God bless you brother for helping people. Sincerely Al in Idaho

yes, flywheel too thin, it will slip. Fools at napa should never have turned it, they are only made to be replaced

Okay but wouldn't it slip all the time rather than just when it heats up?

If it was that? And...Can you tell me if it matters that since I had a new throw-out bearing already from the first redo instead of using the one that came with the stage two as I figured it was already new so just didn't think it mattered> Does it matter?

Hey thank you again Scotty for taking time too answer as I sure am about fed up with the whole damn thing and I've even heard you say how good Honda was but from where I'm standing I'm sure not seeing those results...LOL