SO Frustrated! I have a 2002 Honda Odyssey EX-L. Been troubleshooting the cruise control without success. Here is what I have done. Where do I go next?

  1. main CC button replaced - it does light up when I push it
  2. Dash light does NOT come on, so I removed the dash and replaced the bulb even though it tested with positive continuity, dash light still not on.
  3. Replaced the brake pedal switch with new on, didn't work so the old one was probably fine, oh well.
  4. Checked fuses. Good
  5. Replaced the box under the drivers side dash - ?cruise control servo?. Nope, didn't work.

The horn DOES work.


If anyone one has a dealers repair manual on troubleshooting the cruise control, I would Love you forever if you would email it to me at

I bought a downloadable manual from emanuals and it would not open. Despite a 2 week fight to get it, they continue to insist that it works and will not refund me so more money down the drain. I am leaving on a 6 hour trip tomorrow and have a bad leg. Driving that distance without Cruise Control is pretty painful.

Any suggestions, manuals, thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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is the computer moduel the thing on the drivers left hand side that holds the fuses? Or are you talking about something under the hood?



often a bad computer moduel does that. ONLY a dealer scan tool can check that out