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Small knock noise when stopping.

Driving at any speed, come to an almost complete stop and hear a knock.

I have a 2011 Nissan Quest SL CVT, It has almost 90,000KM/56,000mi. I've been driving around after I've started it and when I coming to a stop and I hit 5KM/H or 2MPH, The transmission makes a small single knock sound and a little jolt forward. After driving and the engine and trans are warmed up to operating temperature, When I accelerate from a stop, when the transmission shifts from overdrive to drive, there's a jolt and then it takes off. I have no idea what this is and an answer would be nice, Thanks Scotty.

check for possible broken cv joints, but knowing those horrid transmissions, yours is probably starting to break down inside. Nissan makes junk these days