Small DYI woman. Is the dealer trying to scam me?


problem with timer control module for my 2004 Dodge Dakota.

My timer control module is acting up. i called the dealer to get a ptice non a new one. they told me the part was obsolete and to get one on ebay, then they could reprogram it to my truck. so I did. then when i went to get them to reprogram it, first the service advisor told me that they are not allowed to reprogram them and that they would have to order it and put it in. when I told him that the part was obsolete, he told me they could not reprogram it. I said "well what do I do?" he told me I could trade it in. Hello??? What!! No! so he said he would call his boss to get an "exception" (gee thanks). ok so then he talks to the service technician who says it should plug and play. so then he suggests In leave the truck for a few days so that they can find out what might really be wrong with it.

You don't know me or my truck Scotty, but you and In have fixed many things on it and my previous truck as well. I trust you. Does the timer control module need to be reprogrammed or should it work as-is?

-Amy C.

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that old, it should just plug in and work. Heck, try it and see. They are obviously being swines to you at the dealer, I'd make an "exception" of them and NEVER buy another crappy dodge produt