Shop bent up my steering knuckle.

Local shop bent steering knuckle when pressing in bearings.

A popular local shop bent the attachment for the caliper bracket on my Left Front steering knuckle when pressing in new bearings and hub. They asked me if I wanted to look through a local junk yard to find a new one and they would press my new bearing out of my old steering knuckle and into the new one. I found that a new steering knuckle is available through a local dealer, and I expected the shop to buy it along with new bearings, but the shop insisted on heating up the steering knuckle (with the bearings and hub pressed in) and bending it back in the press. They assured me that they would not heat it up enough to effect it's tensile strength. I have gotten it back from them at this point and reinstalled it onto the car.

My question is... can I rely on this kind of a repair when slamming on the brakes? Seems like they really should have replaced all the parts at their expense.

Image is a stock photo, but is just like the actual bent steering knuckle.

it is pretty thick metal, but really, they bent it, make them install a brand new one for their negligence

Thank you for the reply. The more I think about it, the more concerned I am that they heated it up when it was under pressure from the bearing. I wonder if that could eventually cause the steering knuckle to crack under the bearing pressure along with all the forces from the car.