Hello Scotty. I have a 1996 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 V6 Manual with 300k miles. Has a super charger and 7th injector. It has ran like a top since just recently. For The last month or two it has been stalling out. It happens suddenly with tach dropping to zero. OBDII code is P0335 Crankshaft position sensor. I swapped it with one from my Toyota Tacoma and problem continues. I bench tested the sensor and tested ground on the pigtail. All good. Used the multimeter to test current through pigtail and with key on it showed .232 volts DC. Now that is one value I’m not sure if it is standard.

So while driving if it dies I leave it in gear and just turn the key to off then right back to on and engine goes right back to running, until the next stall which is becoming more frequent by the day. Used to be a couple of times in a 20 mile drive. Now it’s at least a couple of times per mile. Yesterday when it died at idle I attempted to restart it without turning the key to off first and it would crank but no start. Did that three times. Then I turned the key to off and then to start and it fired right up. So turning the key/electronics off seems to reset something but not sure what.

So what do you think? Could it be the ECM?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


While either the wiring from the sensor to the computer is badd or the computer itself.