Seller's Remorse! : { I've always driven Datsun/Nissans. My last vehicle was a 2005 Nissan X-Trail FWD - they were never sold in the USA, but in Canada it was a great SUV and used ones are still in high demand - Nissan hasn't sold them here since 2006 (idiots). Mine had 200,000 miles on it and never had a problem. We moved from the city to the country and now live on a dirt road, 2 miles up a steep hill. My X-trail did great for the first 5 years, but we had a huge dump of snow and I got stuck, so everyone insisted I had to get a 4x4 or AWD instead. I tried to get a Nissan X-terra, but they're very hard to come by (no one will give them up). I watched your videos and learned that the newer Nissans are crap now that they merged with Renault. So in November I ended up getting a 2008 Lincoln MKX AWD with 119,000 miles. Problems so far:

  1. received notice of airbag recall (completed);
  2. cracked ABS tone ring (ABS warning/brake warning/check engine warning);
  3. two oil leaks: PTU at intermediate shaft seal and at engine front cover. The estimate for the PTU at intermediate shaft seal is $300; The estimate for the leak at the engine front cover is $1,120. Am I in for a life of misery with this vehicle? What can I expect next? I miss my X-Trail!!
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Yes, I'd ditch that POJ and get a Toyota if you must have a 4x4 or AWD. If you can get away w/ a 2WD or FWD, then I'd say get a Toyota instead. You won't regret this: TOYOTA: ~~AWD: Highlander; Highlander Hybrid; RAV4; RAV4 Hybrid; Sienna; Venza (used only); ~~4X4: Tacoma (4WD); Tundra (4WD); 4Runner (4WD); Land Cruiser (4WD).