2006 Chrysler 300 seat warmer wont turn off


I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 with 152,000 miles.  About two-3 weeks ago my driver’s seat warner will not turn off.  I currently livein houston texas & previously lived in irving texas so i have never used this feature. 

I tried to push the button that would light up & even when light indicated that it was off, driver’s seat remained hot at the lower back & on the seat. When I checked the passenger seat to see if it was doing the same thing, it was fine.

I had a nice mechanic to help & he removed related the fuse which caused the seat warmer lights in the console, the signal lights & the front windows to be inoperable but the seat still never stopped getting hot so we put the fuse back, everything went back to working except the light for the seat warmers which indicates that the indicate light is out but...seat is still hot.

When i get into the car first thing in the morning from dead cold over night, it starts getting warm within about 30-40 minutes into driving.  The car will sit for 7-8 hours & when i get back in the car to go home, i can feel the seat warmer almost immediately. If i have to run errands (getting in & out the car) several times......the heat seems to get more intense almost unbearable. 

It has been suggested that it is likely that there may be a short in the relays to the seat, underneath the seat but there alot of wires under the seat & all other internet advice always discuss only how to install the seat warmer when they do not work but nothing on how to disconnect it.

****There was a recall for the passenger seat defective airbag several years ago. That i never had done.  Yesterday i went to the website linked to my notice....Recall Campaign: R25, S43. My plan is to take the car to an authorized dealer ship for the air bag but not sure if this is related to anything else.

The car drives pretty good otherwise & my plan is to buy another pre-owned vehicle within the next year but i am concerned in taking it to the chrysler dearlership for the seat warmer , will be way too expensive.

I just moved back to Houston in 2017 so i don't have a mechanic but i have been doing the standard maintenance.

Please let me know your advice

Thank you!