Scraping noise near front driver side tire? 1997 honda accord (video)

1997 honda accord scraping noise
1997 honda accord scraping noise


1997 Honda Acorrd has a scraping noise. Assumed heat shield and was fixed. Sound went away and then came back

Scraping noise -

Hey all. Having issues with a scraping noise. Most likely taking to a mechanic as I feel as if maybe I am too stupid to do it myself. What do you all think it is?

Story - Car suddenly started having this scraping noise. I didnt do anything to cause this. I drive it normally highway forward and back. I dont take it off road or anywhere special.

Now I assumed "Oh heat shield issue, just bend the shield back" so I did. The sound went away except for hard right turns. Took it to a tire shop and they looked at it and drove it and said "Oh its the heat shield" and they charged me 25 bucks and the sound was gone all together.

1 week later, sound is back only on hard right turns. Even after driving 2-3 hours in a row at over 200-300 miles the sound was still gone. Even 1 day ago the sound was gone. Today, I turn it on to go to work and the sound is completely back! Even going straight!

What is going on? Is it warping? I live in Indiana so the temp fluctuates a lot. I have a feeling it is still 100% the heat shield and maybe I just need a brand new shield. I only assume this because I have fixed the issue by hitting the heat shield back and i had 2 different mechanics say it was the heat shield and only charge 25 bucks to fix it.

Thanks anyone.

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See if you can tighten the shield down with a screw so it doesn't move anymore. Sounds like it's rattling...