Scotty you being a mechanic for more than 50 years I really trust you a lot so here is another question,
So if you remember my rav 4 video when you said it was a faint sound medal hitting somewhere it got me thinking big time, so it all started from when we got new tires , but then a few days later we got a flat tire on the road so we stoped and I put it on, and From that point it started, i figured maybe I didn’t put the jack or tools right so I played with them I drove it around without them and it still happened, I than got it inspected recently passed inspection no problem was ok for a few days and started again, sounds a lot worse then before, happens when you go over bumps drive over 30 and come to hard brake, I put in a obd2 scanner because someone told me see if there’s a pending engine code but there was a p0455 which my phone said gas cap and I did it and now is clean so I figured I’d ask you, and if you suggest I oil it what should I oil exactly

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if metal hits metal, oiling won't fix anything. try this video to find the sound source