Scotty... you are one of the last of a dying breed (unfortunately).... Your mechanical and analytical skills (coupled with your common sense) are outstanding.... and your life experience "savvyness" is something that most are missing today. And your willingness to share it so widely is just downright chivalrous.

I would venture to guess that half of today's culture probably doesn't even understand why what you are imparting here is so valuable.

I am not a mechanic... nor a contractor, nor a plumber or electrician.... but i am fortunate enough to own a home and a couple cars and with that I have learned that to stay afloat... you need to figure out how to do things yourself...

Lots of guys have step by step videos on how to do things.. and quite often I use the service manuals made for the cars I have... (sometimes Chilton and Hayes too) ... but your videos give a different angle to everything... that angle... (field experience) puts your advise on a higher plane than anything else and I just wanted to take a moment to say a direct thank you... and let you know just what an impact all your hard work imparting your experience this way makes....

I am sure that many other do it yourself'ers quite often find themselves thinking "what would Scotty do?"

Thanks again for everything you do.... good luck to you and God bless..


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